July 13, 2012

Dress Up with Amelia and Liz

This was a super fun shoot. These little ladies dressed up in so many different outfits and I felt like I was playing dress up like I did when I was a child. 
Such fun we had.......
Dressing up for Valentines, First Birthday and Costumes.

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Baby Maggie

 This is my little cutsie wootsie little niece, Maggie. She was a little doll face to capture.

This shoot was done right before Christmas. So she was our little gift from God that Christmas on the Nielson side.

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Baby Adalay

I am completely behind on my blog. It has been neglected for the longest time. I will do my best to catch up on it as much as I have time to do so, between shoots, editing, family and being a mom of 2 and the third on it's way.

This little sweetie, was a pure little angel. And what fun we had dressing her up.
 Oh the joys of a little GIRL!

 This was a shoot we did for Easter, back in April. Have you ever seen such a cute little easter bunny?

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February 4, 2012

The Zerkle's with Daddy's Little Girl

 Daddy was surrounded by his two beautiful girls.
 I could tell that this man was adored by his daughter and wife. There was no doubt in my mind that he knew he was a lucky man to have them by his side. I mean just looking at these pretty girls, isn't it apparent that this little girl wants to be just like her mom. I mean at such a young age she knew how to pose for me and she gave me all the right expressions and smiles. I had so much fun snapping away.


Her mom really wanted to get some fun Christmas pictures of........
And she did the saying complete justice. 

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There is beauty all around with the Penrod's

This happy little family was full of smiles the whole time. As I edited these pictures all I could think about was back when we were a little family of three. All our time went completely into our little guy and everything we ever did revolved around him. There is something really special and unique about the first child. I think for me it is the newness of every single day and each milestone that they come to and how they grow over such a small period of time. 
Time is unstoppable and I am so glad we have pictures to capture what was then, as we are continuing on in life, to what is now.  I think that is one reason why I love photography so much, I get to capture individuals at certain times in their life and they are able to look back at my work and smile. 

Their little munchkin was so petite and so overjoyed being with her parents. 
I am so glad most children can feel this loved. Everyone deserves it and  I just  wish they remembered how loved they were when they were one years old. 
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Love from the Nehrings

 This is one of my favorite families in the world. 
This is my beautiful older sister, one of my best friends, amazing mother and all around great person. I am honored to talk to her whenever I want to, to learn from her and to watch her be an example to me. 
Her family is just as great too, they bring so much joy and excitement to our family and we always feel so loved around them. 

While the girls where posing for pictures and doing their girly things, 
the boys were keeping entertained by a big dirt hole.
 I guess boys will be boys and girls will be girls. 

Christmas is full of excitement and wonder for little children. Look at these little ones, showing their little brother all the ordainments. His face is priceless and shows complete interest in something new and unfamiliar. 
Merry Christmas from this cute family, whom I love and adore.
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Sweet baby brother Gavin

This little guy was so dang cute and he was completely loved by his mom and dad. They were so excited to have a little guy, after their precious girl 3 years ago.  He was a pure joy to photography, he loved the heater and being nestled nice and warm. It must of reminded him of the womb, just 13 days ago. 

This picture was to support his dads political views, since he is very opinionated and involved in all politics.
A True All American boy through and through.
Now, his sibling was one proud big sister and I could just tell how happy she was to have him as her own. She gave me some amazing shots, look at the little twinkle in her eyes. 

And lastly, we had to get a few Christmas shots for Gavin's first Christmas.
Merry Christmas you little sweeties!
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